Anonymous, Mi


"My son was denied parole the first time seeing tghe parole baord.  We did not understand why.  I went to Gary and he was able to explain how the procedure works and advised us what the parole board was looking for.  As a result my son was paroled on the second try.  Gary gave me the peace of mind, that as a parent, I had all the right information to make sure my son was trated fairly. I highly recommend Gary Gabry 

Heather, Kalamazoo MI


"Mr. Gabry is a terrific person to work with.  I hired him to represent me in a DUI case.  He is knowledgeable, kind and compassionate.  He was fair in his fee's and I have 100% trust in all of his abilities

Joe, Allegan MI


"I found myself in the scariest situation any man can find himself.  Accused of a terrible crime that I didn.t commit. It was like a nightmare but much worse.  My family hired Mr. Gabry to help with my case.  It was the most difficult time in my life and Mr. Gabry gave me hope.  Not only did he devote all his time to me and my case, he helped my family through this nightmare also.  I can never thank Mr. Gabry enough for what he has done for me and my family.  He has literally given me my life back. 

jayden, Van Buren Mi


"Completely integral and highly regarded within the justice system.  This man executed greater outcomes for me in three weeks than any other attorney ever has! The person who reffered me said "Once yu hire this man, you'll never hire another attorney, because he cares! That person was 100% correct"

Dan, South Haven, MI


"Mr. Gabry really helped me out in my case he truly cares about his clients and their well being.  Thanks again Mr. Gabry you really helped me out! You do an amazing job! I'll be recommending anyone who needs an attorney to you!

Andrew, Kalamazoo MI


"Mr. Gary Gabry was consistently clear, direct, and fair with me.  At each stage of my case he explained the specifics and possibilities in a way that eased my mind tremendously.  I am deeply grateful for his guidance and representation throughout  my legal process.  Equally, I'm thankful for his patience, quick thinking, and effective response in court.  I was glad to have him as my lawyer. 

Success Stories

Charge- First Degree Murder


A Branch County farmer Murder and Arson, facing a life without his three children.  Case went to trial and the man walked out of  the court to his family.


Charge- Criminal Sexual Assault


A Kalamazoo County man facing up to life in prison,  Offered a plea bargain  that would send him to prison.  Mr. Gabry took the case and took it to trial.

A jury said not guilty and the man went home with his mom. 

Charge- Manufacturing Controlled Substances


A local farmer accused of growing marijuana facing years in prison.  Gabry challenged the arrest and after exposing problems with the police action obtained a probationary  sentence that was later expunged.